Research interests

Ph.D. research

I am a Ph.D. student at both the GAMMA Inria's research team and UMA ENSTA ParisTech. My supervisors are Frédéric Alauzet, Adrien Loseille (GAMMA) and Patrick Ciarlet (UMA).

My main research topics are the CFD-based adaptive methods on embedded geometries and the high-order mesh generation and visualization. For this purpose, I work on the CFD solver of GAMMA: Wolf, on the local remeshing software of GAMMA: feflo.a and on the mesh visualization software of GAMMA: Vizir.


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My résumé in English and in French.

Contact information

Inria Saclay Île-De-France
Équipe-projet GAMMA3
1 Rue Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves
91120 Palaiseau
Phone: + 33 1 77 57 80 90
Email: fjdRtyiEMIljt.=FcEdlzUvIritLjo%LEwTm)c@=udI(bhNatfR_=IAsv.(smFbRdp